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Leadership Development - Polaris

The northern most star in the sky & the guiding light for many. A unique product offering which takes organisation’s leadership from the corporate meanderings towards the right direction & looks at leadership dimensions & dynamics in a holistic manner.

This leadership journey begins with the leadership theory & myths as a backdrop & makes the participants to look at organisation’s future intent in the light of current realities & business environment. Participants collectively examine & identify organisational challenges related to various leadership dimensions & move from transactional & situational leadership plane to transformational leadership applications. Highly interactive & energising, the discussions & exercises repeatedly come alive in the work environment. This leadership journey fully exploits participant’s leadership potential, often challenging it, & is applicable at all levels of distributed leadership across the organisation.

The leaders story, sense of purpose, values and vision establish the direction. The leaders relentless commitment to the truth and inquiry into the forces underlying current reality continually highlights the gaps between reality and the vision. Leaders generate and manage this creative tension – not just in themselves, but in an entire organization. This is how they energize the organization. That is their basic job. That is why they exist. Senge

'The Intervention consists of seven facilitated sessions of 3-4 hours each. this happens within a group of 12 to 15 leaders & the group members share and learn from each other'd leadership challenges and co-create ideas and solutions from shared learning and wisdom. The sessions follow a set process of leadership dimensions viz Organizational vision, Internal and external stake holders, alignment and synchronization, affective terms, developing and empowering individuals, leader's energy and identifying gaps leading to change in belief  levels. The gap between each session is one to three weeks during which the group members work on projects which come alive in their work environment.'


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